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The Gift of Time

They were straight from a box but that didn’t matter to the three year old girl with the wooden spoon. We made muffins this morning, and she said they were Blueberry Blue.3733049190_fedb16c2d3_b

Ever since she discovered the Easy Bake Treats iPhone app my daughter has fancied herself a baker. Sometimes in the afternoons we climb aboard my king-size bed with the laptop and phone, and she bakes and decorates digital treats till she falls asleep. It’s likely not what Dr. Spock would recommend but it works for us.

I need the quiet, and she needs the rest.

Before the sun rose this morning she appeared at my bedside, bare feet and bed-headed, holding a Betty Crocker box. She’d braved the unlit kitchen alone and pushed a chair to the pantry shelves. She’d had her eye on that box for days and I’d been putting her off with a series of lame excuses.



Trips to the store for whatever provisions were running low.

With my one open eye I spied the tiny child in princess pajamas that didn’t match. Blueberry muffins? she asked. I covered my head with a pillow, exhaled dramatically, and agreed.

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