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How To Teach Your Baby Good Sleeping Habits

If you are totally new parent, you perhaps have many concerns about raising your baby. Eating and sleeping are two priorities that parents usually most concern. Parents usually equip themselves with pack n play to prepare for baby’s sleep. If you are still considering to buy a baby pack and play: what to look for?, check best pack and play for infants. It depends on how old your baby is to define how much sleep he or she need. Especially for newborn, he or she needs a lot of sleep, usually around 16 or 17 hours a day.

However, every baby is born different and has different sleeping references. Many parents find it exhausted to get their baby to sleep. They also complain that it is very tired to take care of baby who have irregular sleeping schedule, for example staying up at night and going to sleep in daytime.

If you wish to apply any sleeping method on your baby, you should take time to read all over every method pros and cons. Nevertheless, exports have claimed that there is just small differences between sleeping methods in term of effectiveness. There are three most common methods as following cry it out, ferberizing and no-tear.

  • Newborns

Newborns have the most unpredictable sleeping schedule. However, at this age, a good sleep is crucially important for the development in baby’s brain. Your newborn baby may have approximately 8 and a half hours of sleeping during day and night respectively. Nevertheless, newborn babies do not take deep and long sleep like adult since their cycles are far shorter in comparison to adults. As the results, your baby may take many naps which does not really last fro long period of time. You should just care of your baby sleep all the time because of the unpredictability.


  • From 3-month old baby

Starting from the third month, the number hours of sleeping gradually declines since your baby is one step closer to growing up process. He or she will reduce sleeping time from 16 hours in the third month to 13 hours and a half when he or she is 18-month old. At the same time, the sleeping time during daytime will reduce and sleeping time during nighttime will rise. Time by time, your baby cycle is getting towards to the same cycle as adults.

Tips to Help Your Baby Have Good Sleeping Habits

1. Apply for 1-month baby and older:

Your baby has consciousness even when he or she is very young. You can start training your baby for good sleeping habits after he or she is 1 month old and more. The sooner you start, the easier and faster your baby learns. You can let your baby know that it is bedtime by singing lullaby or giving him or her a goodnight kiss.

2. Newborn baby should not stay awake for more than 2 hours:

Because of newborn’s cycles, your newborn baby is not able to stay up for a long time. You should let him or her take a nap at least every two hours. If you keep caring and playing with your baby, he or she will be overtired. It is not a good start to establish a good sleeping habits for your baby from the beginning.


3. Separate day and night:

To develop the cycle of your baby, you should train him or her to know when is daytime and when is nighttime. Even though, you should let your new born baby sleep when he or she wants or feels tired, you still should try to teach time nighttime is for bed. During daytime, if you baby is awake, you can play with him or her as much as you want. Besides, you can keep noises in moderate level. However, if your baby is awake, you can keep light in but try not to play, make eye contact or sing to him or her. You should eliminate engaged activities with your baby as much as possible. Moreover, try to reduce noises during night time so that your baby learn that this time of the day is for sleeping. Gradually, your baby get the normal sleeping, which is flexible and easier for parents.

4. Commit to setup routines:

All of people who are involved in taking care of your baby should commit in one method and routine. In order not to confuse tour baby with different types of time set, your spouse (or grandma, grandpa) should all agree on one sleeping habit. You should follow the time strictly so that your baby learns and get familiar with the routine quickly.

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