Things I Learned While Home Sick with my Eight Year Old

I don't know how to say this politely. My eight year old and I have been in fierce competition over toilet real-estate. We've prayed to the porcelain gods. Called Ralph on the big white telephone. Tossed our cookies. Blown chunks. Are you reading me? This has not been my favorite day … [Read more...]

Flower Girl Bootcamp

When my brother asked me if my daughter could be the flower girl in his wedding I was thrilled. But I'll be honest: I was concerned that at two and a half she would be a little young for all of the responsibilities that go along with the job. The wedding was an entire year away so there'd be … [Read more...]

For When You’re Not Merry and Bright


When I was a child Christmas was a fairy-tale time. Each year I carefully made my list by thumbing through the JC Penny catalog, folding down the corners of pages of Cabbage Patch Dolls and pink guitars. Even then the magic lived in the anticipation, the possibilities for all those shiny boxes … [Read more...]

Where to Look


It's not the best picture I've ever taken. There is syrup on their faces, sticky sweet, from the waffles I'd fed them for lunch. Their hair looks like it hasn't seen a brush for days, and the wall behind them is dirty with fingerprints. He sat in time out to repent from an offense that's long … [Read more...]