Time Travels


I stood inside the storm door and looked out at the tree line across the street from my house on the hill. I was four years old, an only child surrounded by adults. The carpet was shag, pea-green. The radio blared in the kitchen. This is my first memory. I stepped outside onto the porch stoop. … [Read more...]

Halfway There


You're not 40 yet, she said, in a voice both encouraging and exasperated. I get that a lot, I thought, that particular mix of support and frustration. I'd casually referred to myself as middle-aged, probably speaking of the grays in my hair or the lines that have appeared around the corners of … [Read more...]

Things I Do and Do Not Want for Christmas

Dear Santa, I've thought long and hard this year about what I want most for Christmas. It goes without saying that I want an end to all wars, good health and prosperity for my family and friends, and for Banana Republic to bring back the version of skinny jeans they sold in 2010 but inexplicably … [Read more...]

Putting Love on the List


In the mornings they file in, one, two and three. Sometimes I sit at the breakfast table, cupping coffee with creamy swirls. But more often than not, I stand at the counter, cutting sandwiches in two. Filling dog bowls and cereal bowls and plastic cups, wiping counters clean. The greeting is … [Read more...]