A few things on Thursday

First, happy birthday Mom. Of course I will tell her this in person. Also she will never see this because to her the only thing a computer is for is a game of Solitaire.Both of you reading this will be glad to hear that we are on another two hour delay this morning. Good thing because the snowdrifts out there are so deep that I almost had to wear real shoes when I took the dogs outside this morning instead of my usual slippers. In the end I decided on the slippers after all and boy, that dusting … [Read more...]

Numbers one and two

I know you are anxious for a Headcold Update. It is now on day 4. This is following two cases of strep throat in a three week period. How do I explain this scourge of illness? I live in a house with a potty-training toddler and a 10 week old puppy. The constant and unyielding stress of making sure numbers one and two happen in the appropriate places has sent my immune system into retreat. You can get me sick via email at this point.Also, since I mentioned having to be on puppy  potty alert, … [Read more...]