Should we look at each day as a representative sample of a lifetime?

Each day, from the first savored sip of coffee to the bare feet slipping into fresh sheets? The taste of that new brand of toothpaste, the feel of your foot on the gas pedal, the way the woman in the grocery store line reminded you of your second grade teacher?

The phone call from your mother. The laughter of your children. The weeping when that song comes on the radio that reminds you of your friend who passed away last year.

Then the blotting of your eyes when your eight year old suddenly appears, a question about fractions or how much kibble to feed the dogs.

The impossible pain of a stubbed toe. The soothing of a neighbor’s broken heart. The way the bread smells as it bakes, filling the kitchen with Home.

In each day, there’s a lifetime of moments. Moments of quiet, and pain, and amazing grace.

I’m collecting these moments on My 3 Little Birds. I’ve created a space called MOMents where the stories will live. The stories about how a simple grain of sand pulled me from a post-partum haze. Or how a little boy tried to hold onto the fantasies of childhood just a little while longer. The MOMents that make up each season in my life.

In all of these MOMents there are reflections, quiet lessons, and arrows pointing to change. As this collection continues to grow, you might be able to relate to some of the stories. That’s my hope for these words.



  1. MOMents. Love it. Looking forward to lots and lots of these. Happy feature day!
    Projected Progenitor recently posted..Congratulations us!My Profile

  2. Susan says:

    Love it!

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