For When They Still Believe

I can’t remember exactly when I lost it, but there came a time in my childhood when I stopped believing in magic.

Maybe it was when I learned the truth about the tooth fairy that day in second grade, or when I stopped daydreaming about Peter Pan and started daydreaming about the boy who sat two rows over in Social Studies.

All I know is that at some point in my life the pixie dust lost its sparkle and I was on to the Very Important Issues of middle school. Issues like deciding upon which side of my head my side ponytail should reside. Or which Bryan Adams song best reflected my current state of tweenage angst.

All of a sudden, though, the magic returned the moment I became a mom.

Motherhood is heavy. The weight of responsibility bears down hard. There are diapers to change and bags to pack, bottles to warm and appointments to make. Motherhood is scary and stressful and there is no instruction book to guide the way.

But in motherhood, there’s also magic in the every day.

It’s in the way she settles into my lap, Winne the Pooh book in her hand.  Read to me, Mama, she says in a sleepy whisper.

It’s in his first steps- chubby baby legs wobbling, struggling for balance- on the front porch one otherwise unremarkable afternoon in May.

It’s in the moments, so brief you’ll miss them in a blink.disnight_large

It’s my mission to embrace the magic with my three little birds while they still believe.

I’m so excited to share with you that I’ve been asked to join the team at Disney Baby. Starting next month I’ll be writing about  the magic of childhood, sharing parenting tips, and reflecting on life with little ones. I’m joining a wonderful group of bloggers, including Meagan Francis of The Happiest MomMelanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave, my fellow Toddler Times blogger Natalie Holbrook of Nat the Fat Rat and several others. I can’t wait!

I hope you’ll join me when that new journey begins! And of course I’ll still be writing about MOMents here and sharing my thoughts on all things toddler at Babble.

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