Favorite Posts


Ohio Schoolhouse- A post based on a photograph I took of a dilapidated schoolhouse near my husband’s hometown.

 Time Travels- I write about my earliest memory.

Book of Wrongs- Are you still writing in yours?

Grain by Grain- How I overcame my fears about caring for three children.

Mom as Case Manager- There are many parallels between my social work career and being a mother.

Day to Remember- This post is a sentimental favorite. I wrote it when a dear friend was gravely ill, and I felt so lucky just to be building a pillow fort with my children.

Fast and Slow- The post that helped me find my voice as a writer.

Forsythia- I have my grandmother’s name. And her crock pitcher from the farm, which I love despite its cracks.

This Sleeping House- A love poem to my family.


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