A Day in the {Writing} Life


I spread my fingers wide and tugged at the yellow rubber gloves. I pulled them down, right then left, over my hands and up to my elbows. There was water in the fingertips from their last use-- an unfortunate event involving a clogged drain-- and I cringed as it trickled down my arms. I held my nose and bent over, trying not to see the pieces of bathroom trash and kitchen scraps as I filled two garbage bags to overflowing. My dogs had discovered there were treats to be had in yesterday's … [Read more...]



My first college major was journalism. I'd selected it because I'd long known that there was a writer inside me, one who told stories in the pages of glossy magazines. I pictured myself in button-down shirts, stiff in the collar, sleeves rolled up when the work was hard. I'd live in a city, eat noodles from cartons and drink coffee by the pot. (The only truth in that fantasy would turn out to be that last one.) The first day of class we filed in to a classroom auditorium, the kind with … [Read more...]