Greetings from Spring Break


This morning, to my surprise, my daughter announced that it was Tuesday. It surprised me because we haven't spent much time reviewing the days of the week but also because it's spring break, which means our usual routine has been disrupted. Instead of loading kiddos in the car at preschool time, we're piled on the sofa eating Cheerios. Instead of quiet mornings writing, I'm reminding my 8 year old that it's not funny to teach his sister various words for bodily functions and private … [Read more...]

Reaching for Words

  Last night the phone rang at 1 am. The child between us shifted, tossed and turned. She made sucking sounds as vestiges of a time she's long forgotten. I listened for it again and resisted the innate muscle memory of nursing us both back to sleep. A second ring made it difficult to deny: someone, somewhere, was in trouble. My husband and I have both had these middle-of-the night summonses from bed. In my early 20s I volunteered as a rape crisis counselor for a local agency, … [Read more...]