Saturday Morning Adventure


This morning my husband gave me a gift: to wake up in a quiet house, nothing but my own coffee to pour. There were no Corn Pops in plastic bowls, milky faces of cartoon friends waiting at the bottom. There were no sticky hands to wash. No one to supervise as they spread butter on … [Read more...]

Making Room


Two mornings a week I retreat to the silence of an empty house. I want to fill it with words. But there is work to be done, wrinkles smoothed and papers filed. The breakfast crumbs still dot the counter tops. I reach for a sponge and feel the words tug at my hem. There is no such thing as … [Read more...]

How to Find Quiet


It's tempting to see a moment of quiet as a waste of time. As moms we're given an impossible job description, whether we work outside of the home or not. The training for this job is a jumble of fantasy, others' expectations, competition, and role models like June Cleaver and Claire … [Read more...]

Feast of Quiet


This morning, for the first time ever, I find myself with three children in school. There was a celebration of cinnamon toast before they left. Shoes were tied in bows and the tops of heads were kissed. I dropped them off -one, two, and three- with prayers disguised as wishes. Have a great … [Read more...]