First Pool Trip of the Summer: Lessons Learned


Do you know that I aim to educate here at My 3 Little Birds? I'm not sure what exactly you were expecting when you signed onto this, um, enterprise of mine, but today you will learn! Or maybe you already know all of this, in which case please accept my permission to feel smug in all of your existing knowledge (which reminds me of the time I tweeted about my discovery of mayonaisse as a butter substitue when making grilled cheese and Betty Shmetty was all, "Oh that old trick? Learned it years … [Read more...]

His Magic Time


By now, we have our morning routine down. He is the first to rise. Dogs are let out. From where I lie, I hear the footsteps of a sleepy, bed-headed seven year old going down the stairs. The other two are slow to wake, but eventually we meet in the hallway and negotiate who will be carried, who will hold a hand. Cheerios are poured. Coffee is brewed, a matching game of lids to sippy cups is played. Children are dressed, shoes are tied. Did you grab your lunch? Brush your teeth? Then a race … [Read more...]