My Mommy Superpowers


Before I became a mom there were lots of things I couldn't do. If a friend mentioned that she wasn't feeling well, I held my breath and waited for her to leave the room so I could discreetly douse the place with Lysol. I fretted every time I traveled alone. What if I ran out of money? Had to … [Read more...]

Their Stories


I've thought about it before so many times, run it through my mind like 35 millimeters of film on replay. What themes will emerge in the stories of their lives? I listened, last night, to a man lay out his tale of sin and redemption and love and loss. I imagined my sons, years from now, … [Read more...]

The Motherhood Test


The first time I got the call from daycare I was in between clients at the Counseling Center. He'd felt fine that morning but his breakfast made a repeat appearance before nap time. I steadied my voice, said I'd be there as soon as possible. But inside I was anything but steady. This was a … [Read more...]

Background Chatter {31 MOMents}


Most of the time when my children move through developmental stages I'm only partially aware of it,¬†like a mild change in the weather. But my two year old daughter is going through something right now that I can't help but notice. She's wrestling with who she is and how she fits into this … [Read more...]