When They Fall Apart


Yesterday afternoon a four year old fell apart in my arms. Long face. Real tears. Cries of It's not fair. His older brother was off to yet another play date. A school friend. The big boys had abandoned him after playing here after school. The two eight year olds had been kind: they'd shared the Star Wars ships and Bakugans and video game controllers. They'd graciously taken turns with my four year old, helping him across the backyard monkey bars, waiting for him to catch up on … [Read more...]

The Strength of a Mother

The fever broke in the night. She awoke, her wet hair clinging to her face in strings. I rolled her over, patted and shusshed. I'd hoped we'd spend today as we usually do. Tending to her baby dolls. Reading her favorite books. Making a chalk-drawn tulip garden on the sidewalk. Instead we spent it in the space between sick and all better. Recovering. We'd spent the weekend on an impromptu family getaway. We'd had fun, caught the ice cream that dripped from chins when the sun warmed it. … [Read more...]