The State of the Nest


Four pm and the house is chaotic. A sick toddler has refused to nap, and two boys, plus an extra, run wild with the buzzing energy of a school day afternoon. Laundry lies unfolded, draped over the arms of chairs and across tabletops. The doorbell rings. The dogs escape. The upstairs toilet overflows. I'm tempted to walk away and not look back. I want to peer into the windows of neighbors to compare the state of my nest. … [Read more...]

Ditching the Pacifier: Why I’m Not in a Rush


It's two am and like clockwork she appears at my bedside. By now I'm accustomed to this routine: the creak of the door, the sound of her footy pajamas shuffling down the hall, and then, arms raised, she whispers Mama. Mama, I want you. Without a thought I hoist her body over mine, and soon she's a tiny bird between us, settled, roosting. The only sounds in the world: the whir of the fan. The tug of the sheets. The rhythmic in and out of the pacifier that pacifies me. My middle child was … [Read more...]