Check Minus Motherhood


Every six weeks it comes by surprise. Sometimes he hands it over, sheepish with shoulders that slump in admission of a need to improve. More often he blurts out the amount of money we owe him: Two dollars for As, one dollar for Bs. He does well, this child, and exceeds expectation, but the road here was long and littered with stones. We hacked at them one by one till they wouldn't damage the wheels. My husband was the kind of child who didn't need to be told to study; his grade cards were … [Read more...]

Evidence of a Life


We all have hotspots in our homes-- counters and tables, a bench by the door. When we come in late and night we toss the evidence of our lives on them, the cellphones and car keys. The important receipts. The gum and the lipgloss, the forms to be signed. In my house not only do I have a hot spot in the entryway, but every room has one, too. The basket that lies on the table in the family room. The counter in the kitchen just beside the telephone. Upstairs in my room, the little … [Read more...]