In Defense of the Mommy Blog

Mommy bloggers need to get over themselves, wrote the woman in the comment section of the online article I recently read. They act like they're the first generation of women who've ever given birth. It's a common criticism and one that I've heard countless times before. These women need to close their laptops and take care of their kids instead of posting potty training tips or recipes for gluten-free graham crackers. They're so self-important. Won't the children resent them when … [Read more...]

The Validation Trap of an Online Life

There's a line between telling a story and exorcising demons, and it's thin. It curves around the edges of the truth the way a tight dress hugs the hips. Suggesting, not revealing. Containing the words without saying too much. This line has been on my mind lately, snaking a path through my day. I heard it hiss when I wrote about smoke signals. Warning signs. The house that was burning from the inside out. It raised its head to strike and I backed off, afraid. There is value in the sharing … [Read more...]