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What Father’s Day Taught Me about Motherhood

I ask for simple things each Mother’s Day: to sleep in until the family noise and smell of coffee call me down the stairs. I ask for quiet. A nap on the porch swing. Time to paint my toenails a cheerful shade of pink, and then repaint them because red has always suited me better. Although I don’t explicitly come right out and say it, Mother’s Day, for me, is a break from the push and pull. It’s a respite. A time apart. It’s a day to reconnect with the person I am under three layers of motherhood. Father’s Day in our house looks a little different. There’s a soccer ball being passed in the front yard grass, the smell of barbeque on the grill, …

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The 7 Blogs that Changed My Life

I remember the first time I went online and had this realization: You mean that I can do THAT with a blog?  I’ve written before about what happened when I stopped writing for readers and started listening to the voice inside. I’ve never shared my inspiration for making that change. These seven blogs made me look at blogging in an entirely new way. They gave me the understanding that blogging can be more than an account of the day-in and day-out details of life with children underfoot, and made me see a reflection of myself in their words. Blogging can be a platform for a career as a writer, a means to help others or draw attention to a cause, …

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Love and Dirt and Armpit Farts

It’s Sunday morning and we are making paper airplanes at the breakfast table. The scraps are everywhere, evidence of imbalances, attempts at evening the folds. As a child I never learned to make paper airplanes. I add them to the long, long list of Things I’ve Learned since having boys: How to catch a backyard frog. How to teach proper toilet-bowl aim with a floating Fruit Loop. The perfect spot for launching homemade boats in Fourpole Creek. The difference between a Bakugan and a Pokemon. That, as it turns out,  burping the alphabet actually is quite funny. That sometimes we don’t get what we wish for but we get what we need. Image Credit: Shakopeemn.gov I never saw myself as the mother of boys. …

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These Three

I was an only child for the first six years of my life. My parents had struggled with infertility for nine years by the time I joined them, and I think everyone assumed that our family was complete at three. Even after my brother was adopted and subsequently another brother was born, I continued to feel like an only child in a way. My brothers were so close in age- only 18 months apart- and they were, well, boys. I was knee-deep into elementary school by the time they could walk and talk and throw Matchbox cars at the windows of my dollhouse. I regret that I’ve never been very sisterly. I’ve been motherly and daughterly and friendly and counselorly but the sister role has not been my strength. …

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For When They Still Believe

I can’t remember exactly when I lost it, but there came a time in my childhood when I stopped believing in magic. Maybe it was when I learned the truth about the tooth fairy that day in second grade, or when I stopped daydreaming about Peter Pan and started daydreaming about the boy who sat two rows over in Social Studies. All I know is that at some point in my life the pixie dust lost its sparkle and I was on to the Very Important Issues of middle school. Issues like deciding upon which side of my head my side ponytail should reside. Or which Bryan Adams song best reflected my current state of tweenage angst. …

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