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What Father’s Day Taught Me about Motherhood

I ask for simple things each Mother’s Day: to sleep in until the family noise and smell of coffee call me down the stairs. I ask for quiet. A nap on the porch swing. Time to paint my toenails a cheerful shade of pink, and then repaint them because red has always suited me better. Although I don’t explicitly come right out and say it, Mother’s Day, for me, is a break from the push and pull. It’s a respite. A time apart. It’s a day to reconnect with the person I am under three layers of motherhood. Father’s Day in our house looks a little different. There’s a soccer ball being passed in the front yard grass, the smell of barbeque on the grill, …

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In the Wake

By now it’s old news, the man dressed for battle with the shock of red hair. The crowd, unaware, in the cool womb of the theater, popcorn in hand, ready for a show. Outside it was all stars and midnight air. Afterward, after the chaos and flashing lights, after the man made puppet hands  in the interrogation room, the phone rang out on the west coast. I imagine his mother. I think of his father. I think of the family on the fringes of pain. I live in the wake of serious mental illness. It ripples. It moves. It washes over my family in deep rushes of water and we’re left swimming hard toward the light. I have a schizophrenic brother.  …

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Tips To Have The Best Eyelashes For Every Woman

Below we will introduce you some tips to refer if you want to use the natural solutions such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or castor oil for eyelashes to irritate your eyelashes to grow longer and brilliantly black quickly. Some women still ask why they shouldn’t use the mascara or other cosmetics to stimulate their lashes to grow but ought to choose the method to grow their lashes as naturally as possible. Maybe they haven’t known that those cosmetics can make your eyes become inflexible as ever. In any eras, the long eyelashes are always one of the beauty symbols on the faces of all women. So, every woman wants to have a pair of the curve, …

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Object Permanence

My daughter was three when she discovered her shadow. She’d noticed it before then, the way the light played tricks on the front porch steps, the figure spinning pirouettes across the sidewalk as she danced. But it wasn’t until she was three that she really saw it, and had the flash of recognition that it was a part of herself. Grab it! We teased. Try to pick it up! She bent over, scooping air in her arms, and stood up frowning and frustrated. It slipped, she said, I can’t get it, and again she attempted to grab hold and failed.  We play these games with her because she’s the youngest, the way you’d watch a kitten chase a dog.  But we also do it as a way of showing her that some things are not meant to be held. …

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Peace. Be Still.

We rushed out of the house that morning, once again late for church. No homemade breakfast filled the stomachs of my family; it was handfuls of cereal and past-ripe bananas in the car on the way. The children fought and I hissed back, cat-like, wild eyed. The coffee in my travel mug sloshed beyond its plastic banks and onto my lap like coal slurry. I cursed. My husband couldn’t find his belt so he went without, and a cockeyed bow perched atop my daughter’s head. Still, this was an improvement from the two weeks in a row that we hadn’t even made it this far. We parked the car and filed out, hands reaching low for the little ones. …

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Love and Dirt and Armpit Farts

It’s Sunday morning and we are making paper airplanes at the breakfast table. The scraps are everywhere, evidence of imbalances, attempts at evening the folds. As a child I never learned to make paper airplanes. I add them to the long, long list of Things I’ve Learned since having boys: How to catch a backyard frog. How to teach proper toilet-bowl aim with a floating Fruit Loop. The perfect spot for launching homemade boats in Fourpole Creek. The difference between a Bakugan and a Pokemon. That, as it turns out,  burping the alphabet actually is quite funny. That sometimes we don’t get what we wish for but we get what we need. Image Credit: Shakopeemn.gov I never saw myself as the mother of boys. …

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These Three

I was an only child for the first six years of my life. My parents had struggled with infertility for nine years by the time I joined them, and I think everyone assumed that our family was complete at three. Even after my brother was adopted and subsequently another brother was born, I continued to feel like an only child in a way. My brothers were so close in age- only 18 months apart- and they were, well, boys. I was knee-deep into elementary school by the time they could walk and talk and throw Matchbox cars at the windows of my dollhouse. I regret that I’ve never been very sisterly. I’ve been motherly and daughterly and friendly and counselorly but the sister role has not been my strength. …

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