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Advice to Writers: Listen

Last February I placed one hand over my eyes and for the first time, clicked Publish . I started My 3 Little Birds to write about my family, share my insights as a mother, and give myself a creative outlet in the midst of so many laundry piles.

I wrote about recipes and tv shows, my cluttered kitchen and the projects I intended to do around the house. It was fun. A hobby.

But it wasn’t me. Sure, I was the one at the helm of the keyboard, clicking and commenting and linking away.

But something was missing. My voice.

Time passed. I began to hear a whisper rise to the surface of my mind. It rippled and lapped at my feet. The words trickled to my fingertips, and with one post, My 3 Little Birds was reborn.


Passion lives where our strengths and weaknesses collide.

Know that one thing you just have to do, have to get out of the way, before you can move forward? Is there a line of thought that plays itself like a broken record in your mind?

What’s whispering to you?

In my case, I found my voice when two critical things happened:

1. I thought about how I live my life. Sure, I like nesting and pretty dishes and helpful tips on how to decorate on the cheap. I’m tv obsessed, and I’ve been known to have a political opinion or two. But when the floor’s been mopped and the children are fed, when the errands have been run and each item on my list has been checked off– when the quiet rises like a fog– what I want to think about then is what I’ve learned in the space of a day. I reflect. Feel the lessons move through me. And there it was: the realization that I live my life in MOMents.

2. I thought about how I wanted to serve. I realized that I wasn’t writing my story, but yours. I realized that as wonderful as it is to get feedback on my writing, it’s even more gratifying to hear that my words have sparked a realization in another person. I wanted My 3 Little Birds to become a place of communal reflection, not just a page from my journal on any given day.

Are you struggling to find your voice on your blog or elsewhere? Stop trying to speak, for a moment, and instead, listen.

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