My name is Mary Lauren. I’m a social worker turned mother turned blogger.

My 3 Little Birds is the story of my journey as a mother and a writer, but it’s more than that, too.

It’s a pillow fort, sheltering you from the voices that say to Move faster. Do more. 

It’s a mirror held up to your face, allowing you to see who you really are.

It’s a lullaby for your day. A necklace made of words, strung together with you in mind.

It’s a place where MOMents live. MOMents of reflection. Of quiet. Of amazing grace.

What Others Are Saying About My 3 Little Birds

Mary Lauren’s site is magical. Her writing is gentle and warm and has a scene to it that is something like sitting in the grass, under a sun hat, in your best friend’s parents’ garden some 20 years after you used to spend nearly every afternoon playing there together.– Sarah Bryden-Brown

My 3 Little Birds doesn’t fit into any neat categories…M3LB is an addictive blog full of creativity and charisma, and each visit I take there leaves me wanting more of Mary Lauren’s wit, insight, and beautifully woven tales of family and the memories that make life so precious. – Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy


A few places where my writing has appeared include the Huffington PostSleet Magazine, and WV Living Magazine.

Other places you can find me: Babble’s Toddler Times and MoonFrye, where I’m a contributing writer, and The Lightning and the Lightning Bug, a community of writers.

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