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The 7 Blogs that Changed My Life

I remember the first time I went online and had this realization: You mean that I can do THAT with a blog?  I’ve written before about what happened when I stopped writing for readers and started listening to the voice inside. I’ve never shared my inspiration for making that change.

These seven blogs made me look at blogging in an entirely new way. They gave me the understanding that blogging can be more than an account of the day-in and day-out details of life with children underfoot, and made me see a reflection of myself in their words.

Blogging can be a platform for a career as a writer, a means to help others or draw attention to a cause, or a way to share your own story with others who might relate. These blogs do that and so, so much more, and you won’t regret paying them a visit.


Chatting at the Sky (Now is Emilypfreeman) Emily Freeman’s blog has been, for me, a breath of fresh air. A meditation. A quiet world to slip into with my cup of coffee each morning. Reading her words of encouragement gives me the boost I need to start my day. But more than that, Chatting at the Sky has been a “big sister” to My 3 Little Birds without Emily ever knowing it. Her Tuesdays Unwrapped series helped me look for the little moments that became the big MOMents- the ones I share with you. (Emily’s also written a book called Grace for the Good Girl, which you can read more about here.

Flux Capacitor The first time Maggie May commented on my blog I honestly felt like the queen had paid me a visit. Her writing is raw, gorgeous, lyrical, and real. I mean, just read this. And this.

The Momalog Ado shares her truth and vulnerabilities and talents and fears with readers in a way that I so, so admire. Some blogs  have the feel of a confessional, and The Momalog is not one of those blogs. The difference is that she’s already processed it all and isn’t using her blog to work through things or to seek attention and approval from readers. She’s just totally and completely herself and she makes no apologies. I love how she contrasts her chaotic childhood with the stable, secure life she’s giving her daughters. I just love her- can you tell?

The Runamuck The Runamuck is where poetry meets personal essay. It stirs up the writer in me. I once approached Amber at a blogging conference, all starstruck and awkward, and all I could say was that I loved the way she writes. Maybe that’s all there is to say. I love the way she writes.

The Extraordinary Ordinary I’ve never had such feelings of kinship toward another person I’ve never met as I do with Heather. (Read this and you’ll understand some of what I mean.) In a lot of ways, we’re on the same journey. She writes about feelings I’ve had without ever giving them voice (I love when that happens, don’t you?).

These Little Waves Galit is another capital W writer. She’s also a blogger with one of the most generous hearts I’ve ever encountered. Her love for her children is so palpable that it sometimes causes me to reach for my own and snuggle up close.

Elizabeth Esther This is another blog that has shaped the way I write and think about the world. Elizabeth has used her blog as a platform for her writing in a way that I strive to, and she’s showed me how a blogger can write about multiple subjects but remain cohesive. I once tweeted her that her blog is what mine wants to be when it grows up, and it’s true.

Which blogs have inspired you? Share links in the comments!

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