The Best Things I’ve Read this Week

It started with a purple sparkly unicorn, and I thought I could make that happen. I found this at Etsy, and thought we’d just fashion a purple tutu from Grandma’s sewing scraps (because a tutu solves everything when you’re 3).

But then things got complicated. Suddenly she wanted to be a princess, and as much as I like the idea there’s nothing really special about that— after all, she already has 4 or 5 hand-me-down princess costumes in her dress up box. I steered her away.

We’ve tossed other ideas around. A mouse with little pink ears? What about Little Red Riding Hood with a fabulous cape? She wasn’t impressed.

On Wednesday she announced that she wants to go as an Asian pear.

At this point I think she must be playing games with me. (I’m ordering that unicorn headband today.) How was your week? Have you reached costume consensus at your house?

Now onto some links I loved:

Running errands with Maggie May is, of course, not just about running errands.

The Lion, the Witch and the Mommy - A tender post about comforting her sick daughter and recalling how quickly she’s grown up. I live this moment with my children- and these words from Mom 101 express my feelings beautifully (thank you Liz).

I loved this simple happiness lesson from Alison Carmen: Teaching our Children to Find Joy in Every Day Living

Because sometimes a four-letter word is the only thing there is to say. Beautiful words (four letters or not) at A Deeper Story- Tales of Christ and Culture.

And finally one from The Flying Chalupa that made me laugh (more than once). Open Letter to the Dude with 500 Bumper Stickers on His Car

And my Babble posts:

Do you do goody bags for your kids’ classmates? Here are some cute non-candy ideas.

On the heels of research that reveals just how much television exposure time young kids get, I’m wondering if tv contributed to my daughter’s speech delay.

Because you know I love children’s books.

Toddler-Friendly Trick or Treat Bags

Photo Credit: Arsheffield/Flickr

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  1. Thanks for loving my blog this week! We have not gotten to fruit yet, but the costume returns have already begun in my home! have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out!
    xo Chalupa

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