For Good Girls {MOMents linkup}

As a little girl I thought a lot about the life that stretched out before me.

I imagined it to be like the aisle leading to the front of Mrs. Tucker’s first grade classroom: straight, dotted with friends along the way, complete with a set of instructions spelled out in chalk in perfect teacher script.

Be nice to each other.

Listen well.

Do your own work.

I tried, wore my turtlenecks and colored inside the lines. I followed the rules and did what was expected of a good girl like me.

And that straight line of life? In a lot of ways I was right about it. But there have been twists and turns along the way. There have been unwelcome surprises and pain that threw me off balance.

When I was grieving the sudden loss of a high school friend my senior year, a counselor recommended the book When Bad Things Happen To Good People. And of course I didn’t read it.

I still haven’t read it, but I can guess what’s inside: the message that life isn’t fair. That living the “right” way doesn’t exempt you from suffering. From betrayal. From a profound sense of Why Am I Here and What Does This Mean?

I still don’t have the answers. But I do know this: we all have a story to tell. We all have soft places from old wounds that still hurt to touch.

And we all have a message that is worth sharing. Someone is listening who needs to hear yours.

Now on to the exciting part: I’m giving away a copy of Emily Freeman’s new book, Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life…it’s a must-read for all you good girls out there.

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  1. sheri silver says:

    You are so right about this – I’ve written several posts that resonate for me in this way – one, here, about my daughter on her 20th birthday. How she wasn’t the daughter I was expecting in my then-young mind, but turned out to be the best daughter I could have ever hoped for. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I love this, ML. I love the line about the old wounds…how very right you are!
    Thank you for this link-up…I can’t wait to read all the MOMents :)
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..My Baby BoyMy Profile

  3. JD says:

    Love reading all the MOMents!
    JD recently posted..StopMy Profile

  4. You gave me chills with this- the soft places from the wounds…

    Dwija {House Unseen} recently posted..Something Goes Wrong (history, volume 2)My Profile

  5. Ado says:

    I loved how you began this post, with your view of life laid out in front of you in your teacher’s perfect handwriting. I have a good friend who was like you and played by all the rules. I wasn’t like that at all – I drew outside all lines, rebelled somewhat, pushed envelopes. I did read that book and you’re probably right, you already know what’s inside it just from the title (but it helped me at the time…)
    Anyway – great post. (-:

  6. Sharon says:

    Thanks for doing this. I think we can ALL relate!
    Sharon recently posted..I Finally Laced Up My ShoesMy Profile

  7. Wonderful words again. You never disappoint your readers!!! Thanks for the wonderful post!
    Beth Ann Chiles recently posted..The Writings on the Bathroom WallMy Profile

  8. Thanks , as always, for a beautiful and point on! Love reading your blog Mary Lauren!
    Tifaine Hash (@ThroughMyLense_) recently posted..Custom Greeting Card {Giveaway} from {Brittany Hagy Designs}My Profile

  9. Katie says:

    Beautiful words and sentiment. I love the thought of life being that straight aisle with “friends dotted along the way,” such a lovely and comforting thought!
    Katie recently posted..The CathedralMy Profile


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