This Sleeping House

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This house sleeps. One dog at my feet, the other on the kitchen floor. My three year old, limbs sprawled across the couch, breathes deeply, dreaming of monkey bars and finger paint and matchbox cars.

I can imagine the other two upstairs: my daughter in her crib, clutching her pink blanket with one arm and holding her brother’s hand with the other in a dream. My seven year old is her hero. I ask her, “Who do you love the very, very most?” and she always says his name.

He is underneath his patchwork quilt, his favorite toy at his side. Tonight we read from Frog and Toad and reviewed his spelling words. Swooping. Harbor. Morning.  

If I could, I would create a magic bubble and place my family inside it. I’d make a snow globe to keep them in. A dream, where this sleeping house could be forever.

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  1. Miranda says:

    That sounds so peaceful. MY kids like to sleep walk, yell, fight, and do random things in their sleep. So sometimes sleep in our house isn't so peaceful. LOL. I do have to agree. I wish there was a way to keep it in a little snow globe forever to look back on.

  2. Lydia says:

    That's beautiful, ML. You have real talent. Keep it up.

  3. Morgan says:

    This is so heartfelt and absolutely lovely. The symbolism of the snowglobe is perfect, if only we could capture those moments and keep them perfectly bubbled and protected. Gorgeously done.

  4. Barbara says:

    I love this. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. lindsey says:

    It sounds like a perfect moment!

  6. Jacque says:

    Beautiful! I love when everyone else is sleeping – that is definitely a moment worth capturing!
    Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  7. Ashley says:

    THis is beautiful. I am such a sob now that I am a mom, this makes me want to cry! I love that your son is your daughters favorite, what a blessing! Thanks for sharing and linking up, love it!

  8. melody-mae says:

    very nicecly written! I am from the FTLOB writing group. I have written a few things about this topic too. since I am a 'granny' now!!! One of my favorites is probably this one; and this one;

    anyway just wanted to say Hi to a fellow writer!!! :)

  9. Tina Martin says:

    This is very sweet. Thanks for sharing. I'm also from FTLOB writer's group. You go girl!

  10. Jade @ Tasting Grace says:

    What a lovely moment. Definitely one to keep.

  11. Hyacynth says:

    Such a beautiful and warming simple moment. Love those minutes, those times when you breathe in the perfection of the situation and could just rest there infinitely. So lovely! Thanks for sharing this week. :)

  12. Ginny Marie says:

    What beautiful and peaceful images you have painted with your words. I have often wished I could keep those moments in my house forever. It's one of the reasons I blog!

  13. Robin says:

    haha, I wrote about sleeping babies today, too. So peaceful and comforting, huh? :)

  14. Kelly says:

    Beautiful image — a sleeping house, dancing dreams, cherished children … who wouldn't want to live in that bubble forever?

  15. Julie says:

    I want a bubble around my house too! Sleeping children are so precious. :)

  16. Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy says:

    Such beautiful imagery. I love the thought of a sleeping house…all the goings on inside peaceful and at rest. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm also a member of The Writer's Club at FTLOB. Hope to read more from you soon!

  17. LOVED this! You are a wonderful writer!

  18. Eden E says:

    WOW ML. You obviously decided to use your lovely blog as a makeshift snowglobe… you’ll be able to look back on this post for years to come and remember with vivid detail and comfort, thanks to your own incredible talent as a writer, and the love you have for your family a living, breathing element of the page…

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