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The 7 Blogs that Changed My Life

I remember the first time I went online and had this realization: You mean that I can do THAT with a blog?  I’ve written before about what happened when I stopped writing for readers and started listening to the voice inside. I’ve never shared my inspiration for making that change. These seven blogs made me look at blogging in an entirely new way. They gave me the understanding that blogging can be more than an account of the day-in and day-out details of life with children underfoot, and made me see a reflection of myself in their words. Blogging can be a platform for a career as a writer, a means to help others or draw attention to a cause, …

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Advice to Writers: Listen

Last February I placed one hand over my eyes and for the first time, clicked Publish . I started My 3 Little Birds to write about my family, share my insights as a mother, and give myself a creative outlet in the midst of so many laundry piles. I wrote about recipes and tv shows, my cluttered kitchen and the projects I intended to do around the house. It was fun. A hobby. But it wasn’t me. Sure, I was the one at the helm of the keyboard, clicking and commenting and linking away. But something was missing. My voice. Time passed. I began to hear a whisper rise to the surface of my mind. It rippled and lapped at my feet. …

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In the Wake

By now it’s old news, the man dressed for battle with the shock of red hair. The crowd, unaware, in the cool womb of the theater, popcorn in hand, ready for a show. Outside it was all stars and midnight air. Afterward, after the chaos and flashing lights, after the man made puppet hands  in the interrogation room, the phone rang out on the west coast. I imagine his mother. I think of his father. I think of the family on the fringes of pain. I live in the wake of serious mental illness. It ripples. It moves. It washes over my family in deep rushes of water and we’re left swimming hard toward the light. I have a schizophrenic brother.  …

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Tips To Have The Best Eyelashes For Every Woman

Below we will introduce you some tips to refer if you want to use the natural solutions such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or castor oil for eyelashes to irritate your eyelashes to grow longer and brilliantly black quickly. Some women still ask why they shouldn’t use the mascara or other cosmetics to stimulate their lashes to grow but ought to choose the method to grow their lashes as naturally as possible. Maybe they haven’t known that those cosmetics can make your eyes become inflexible as ever. In any eras, the long eyelashes are always one of the beauty symbols on the faces of all women. So, every woman wants to have a pair of the curve, …

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Object Permanence

My daughter was three when she discovered her shadow. She’d noticed it before then, the way the light played tricks on the front porch steps, the figure spinning pirouettes across the sidewalk as she danced. But it wasn’t until she was three that she really saw it, and had the flash of recognition that it was a part of herself. Grab it! We teased. Try to pick it up! She bent over, scooping air in her arms, and stood up frowning and frustrated. It slipped, she said, I can’t get it, and again she attempted to grab hold and failed.  We play these games with her because she’s the youngest, the way you’d watch a kitten chase a dog.  But we also do it as a way of showing her that some things are not meant to be held. …

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How To Teach Your Baby Good Sleeping Habits

If you are totally new parent, you perhaps have many concerns about raising your baby. Eating and sleeping are two priorities that parents usually most concern. Parents usually equip themselves with pack n play to prepare for baby’s sleep. If you are still considering to buy a baby pack and play: what to look for?, check best pack and play for infants. It depends on how old your baby is to define how much sleep he or she need. Especially for newborn, he or she needs a lot of sleep, usually around 16 or 17 hours a day. However, every baby is born different and has different sleeping references. Many parents find it exhausted to get their baby to sleep. …

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What Is Your House Made Of?

Yesterday the sky hung low and dark and brooding, clouds so menacing my daughter gave them names. Just as the storm was breaking I pulled up to the house.  Cars littered the little street and thunder rolled in waves across the ridge line. We made a run for it, my girl and I, through the yard, past the hand written sign that read ESTATE SALE TODAY. Inside it smelled of ointment and old carpet and years of living. It was packed full of evidence of life. I’d gone looking for things to fill a house that is not yet our home.  I browsed a table of costume jewelry, mismatched platters with corners chipped. There were silver teapots and iron trivets and little forks whose usefulness had long expired. …

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Ragtag Soldiers

They wear pajamas for clothes when the summer grows thick. They march, ragtag soldiers, in the shape of a heart in the yard. I watch from the window, sipping coffee and dreaming words.

Sometimes we don’t leave the house for days, except for the patch of grass out back and the porch swing, fans whirring violently overhead.

Sometimes we eat spoons of peanut butter and fist fulls of cereal for lunch, or I crack open an egg if I can be bothered.

Sometimes my hair is tied up in Olive Oyl knots and I wander barefoot down the road.

The line between insane and summer with kids is thin, friends, and I tiptoe quiet on both sides.

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Mama and Ma’am

The college kid at the top of the water slide called me Ma’am. Your turn M’aam. My three year old stood behind me in line, doe-eyed and dripping wet. She nudged me on with a phrase that contained the same letters, just rearranged: Your turn Mama! And this is what I’ve become: Mama and Ma’am. I’m the mother in a swim skirt who goes down the slide so she can catch her kids when they’re deposited at the bottom. I’m the baby-holder. The doctor’s wife. The bargain hunter, the drier of tears. I’m the kisser of boo boos, the enforcer of time outs. The shussher in church. The wearer of wrinkle cream. This morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror, …

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Good Noise

I’m hiding from pajama-clad children for a moment, searching for a little quiet in a day that by its end will have my head pounding loud.

There will be the noise of barking at the kennel when I say goodbye to my dogs. There will be the sound I make when I swallow hard from the guilt of leaving them there for a week.

There will be the the noises of the children in the backseat on our drive. The interstate noise I memorized as a child stretched out, seatbeltless, in the way back of the station wagon driving through Kentucky.

There’ll be the hum of talk radio, cries for crackers and more juice.

If there must be noise, why can’t it all sound like this?

Happy Friday. Happy weekend. See you soon.

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